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Quality Controls For Clinical Labs

100% REAL Human Matrix & multi-analyte Custom QCs

The True Costs Of Making Your Own QC...

  • Time spent making QC: Making quality controls, bottling, capping, and storing vials is a time-consuming process. UTAK can help you reclaim that time so you can focus on protecting life by focusing more on your labs core competencies.
  • Time spent remaking QC: If your quality controls fail, you'll need to start over, incurring all associated expenses. With UTAK, you can rest assured that your test will yield the correct result, or we'll remake your Quality Control.
  • Time Spent Sourcing QC: Sourcing and storing new Analytes to keep up with the ever-changing drugs of abuse market as well as matrices can get frustrating. QC from UTAK, on the other hand, can provide you with access to over 1000 different analytes that we can spike for you.

Cost Efficient Custom Quality Controls 

At UTAK, we know the proof of bias rests on your shoulders.  You need a trusted partner to deliver your quality controls ensuring your results are 100% accurate, on time and within a tight budget. 

You Choose the Matrix

Our controls are made with 100% REAL human matrices to accurately mimic  human samples and provide 100% accurate testing results.

You Choose the Analytes

You can choose from over 1000 different analytes to spike your QCs with including Xylazine, Cocaine, Fentanyl, Morphine, and more.

You Choose the Size

We are willing to work with you for a proof of concept so don't worry about size minimums or ordering requirements (Minimum order size is just 50mL).

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Choose From 100% REAL Human Blank Matrices Or Synthetic Specialty Matrices

We have already nailed down the process for acquiring high quality 100% REAL human matrices. This means you don't have to. 

You need a trusted partner to deliver the purest Quality Controls and ensure that your results are 100% accurate and on time.

Custom Quality Controls

We know that you face unique challenges every day. Challenges like time restraints in the lab, and poor customer service when it comes to getting the Quality Controls you need.

Clinical labs play a critical role in our healthcare system. That's why we work so hard to ensure that the QCs we manufacture are of the highest quality, and that you get the customer service you deserve.

UTAK gives you total control over what goes into your QC with our Custom Quality Control Program.


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Why Xylazine?

In 2023, fentanyl is involved in more deaths of Americans under 50 than any other cause of death, and the combination of Xylazine with fentanyl continues to be a growing trend in the ever-changing drugs of abuse market.

This is why UTAK has added Xylazine to the list of Analytes you can choose from to customize your quality controls.

UTAK Featured Research & Clinical News

See some of the ground breaking research we have been privileged to be included in, as well as clinical lab relevant news.

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Could Biosurveillance Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic?

Public health laboratories possess the analytical capabilities and knowledge of public health surveillance systems which can play a vital role in combatting the opioid epidemic.

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Amylase Now Available in UTAK Custom Quality Control Program

Amylase has a widespread application across diverse laboratory settings. Did you know that UTAK now offers Amylase as an analyte in our Custom Quality Control Program?


Assessment of Gadolinium and Iodine Concentrations in Kidney Stones 

The study objective was to measure gadolinium and iodine concentrations within kidney stones. Observed elemental concentrations were correlated with prior contrast agent...

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